maanantai 29. huhtikuuta 2013

Media Records Production*

Vocational skills requirements

The student or candidate is able to:
record text, images, audio, video and three-dimensional models according to quality standards;
handle all types of materials in an ethically correct manner, ranging from various documents to unique materials and those of cultural and historical value;
take account of copyrights related to digitalisation and distribution;
pre-process, digitise, post-process, record and distribute recorded products;
use, calibrate and maintain analogical and digital reproduction and recording equipment;
receive image, audio and video recordings, improve their quality and find suitable technology and equipment to create archive-quality recordings; 
process material, make versions of it and record file copies and accessible copies according to the quality criteria and instructions provided;
apply the organisation’s instructions to long-term digital storage of recordings;
identify, collect and use descriptive, technical, structural and administrative metadata.

*) Tallennetuotanto

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